Balloon Time Jumbo Helium Kit


Perfect for birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers, game day, school events, fundraisers and more, the Balloon Time Standard Helium Kit gives you the convenience of filling balloons anytime, anywhere to instantly transform an everyday space into a celebration.


The kit includes:

  • Portable, lightweight, easy-to-use, recyclable helium tank
  • 30 vibrant, assorted color 9” latex balloons
  • Spool of white curling ribbon

The standard helium tank fills up to (50) 9” latex balloons, (27) 11” latex balloons or (27) 18” foil/mylar balloons in just three easy steps. Latex balloons will float approximately 5-7 hours. Foil/mylar balloons will float up to four days. Temperature and altitude will affect helium float time.


Product Details:

  • A convenient alternative to filling a car full of pre-inflated balloons, Balloon Time’s lightweight helium tank is easy to use and take to any get-together. Whether bold, festive, whimsical or elegant, make a statement at your next party with Balloon Time Helium Kits.
  • Portable, 8.9 cubic foot helium-filled tank
  • Fill balloons in just three simple steps
  • Use tank once to fill a large number of balloons or use small number of balloons at multiple events
  • Tank is recyclable