Bosom Buddies Drink Markers


Not to be confused with Buffy and Hildegarde (from one of the best sitcoms of the 80's) these Bosom Buddies aren't a drag, and they're only looking to occupy your drink not your low rent apartment!

Don'’t let the ladies have all the fun with their drink markers.  Respectfully grab yourself one of our Bosom Buddy Drink Markers!  Be careful though this one could be a bit of a handful!  Pop her on the edge of your glass and get to know her, by the end of the night you might really like her!  Use your bosom buddy at house parties, a guys night out or even a BBQ.  Simply attach her hands to the edge of your glass and she’ll look after your drink all evening.

Ideal for bachelor parties, house parties and man caves everywhere! Pick a lady to be by your side all night and avoid drink mix ups!