• Does what it says on the cover
  • A whole new meaning to hardback
  • Challenge your (male) friends
  • Who has the best fire hose?
  • Ideal gift for that one mate who always flops it out

Although the book – Penis Pokey doesn’t actually contain any nudity, swearing or sexual content of any kind, it’s one hell of a rude book! Quite impressive we say. What this book lacks in vulgar content, it more than makes up for in audience participation.

The large die cut hole in the centre may be a bit of a giveaway, but for anyone slow on the uptake, the title of the book should definitely make you realise what’s in store for this read. You will use your appendage to complete the colourful and dazzling drawings inside. How will your old chap look as a fire hose? Perhaps it’s more suited to a missing banana? Maybe though a sea serpents head is more up its alley.

Whatever the (adult) occasion, this hilarious book is bound to make a star out of your old boy, no matter what you have him poking through!