Give Yourself A Gold Star

Manage to wake up on time? Not lose your keys? Do something nice for a friend? Run a marathon or just run around the block? Celebrate your achievements large and small with Give Yourself A Gold Star.

Complete with sticker sheets of gold stars and filled with smart and funny inspirational quotes, this fun and wacky journal of everyday achievements is hilarious but also useful, encouraging you to reward yourself for achievements big and small, everything from writing a book to doing laundry.

In addition to encouraging you to keep a Did List (to remind yourself of what you accomplished, instead of just worrying about what you need to do), the book helps you to break things into the tiniest steps (so tiny that just writing the list is one of the tasks) and give yourself a GOLD STARS for doing each one (including the list of course!) It also encourages you to give yourself GOLD STARS for the things you didn't do (like not eat the whole donut), for noticing the beautiful things in life and to give GOLD STARS to the people in your life you help get you through the day with more kindness and humor.