Margarita Pong


Class it up people. This isn’t college anymore. Move on from throwing that ping pong ball in the red solo cup to something a little more…elegant. That’s right, we’re playing Margarita Pong! Get out your best (or worst) tequila and margarita mix and get ready to show off your fun side with this unique twist on the classic drinking game.

House Rules – This margarita pong set comes with 12 aqua colored plastic margarita glass, including lime green ping pong balls.

Wasting away in Margaritaville – The perfect party game to bring Jimmy Buffett’s classic island experience to your next house party. Don’t forget the lost shaker of salt!

  • Plastic Margarita glasses: 3.5” Diam x 4” H
  • Ping pong ball: 40mm diameter